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Benefits of Being a Relief Contract Driver
..... With Drivers On Call

Are you a Professional Heavy Truck Driver - with good industry experience and a willingness be one of best and most reliable relief drivers in the country?

Can you look after someone else's Truck, Load, Customers AND Business as though it was your own?

Here's Your Big Opportunity to Become a Self-Employed Contract Driver .

Benefits to the Driving work-force are:
We provide you with the processes and training to establish your own business as a self employed Contract Driver, and an availability of various short-term contracts that utilise your current experience without you having to commit to extended work periods.
Additional benefits are opportunities to become engaged in an ongoing training plan that will recognise your current competencies and then assess, train and up-skill you as a Driver to attain higher standards and ultimately New Zealand National Certificates and other recognised qualifications.

We know there is a good number of more mature and well-experienced Heavy Truck Drivers, who (because of long hours and other constraints which are clearly not compatible with a Driver's desire for normal home and family life) do not wish to continue committing to extended-hours operations on a permanent basis, but are clearly willing to undertake fixed-term contracts.
E.g. You're a driver who is doesn't really want to carry on doing three return Auckland-Wellington Line-hauls a week, but would be quite happy to do one or two return trips, or need to do days only, or nights only, or not mid-week, etc.
Before, if you wanted to stay in our industry you had to do what the boss offered, and you didn't have a choice....

But now you do have a choice!

We are Heavy Road Transport Industry specific. This is not an employment agency filling vacancies, it is a company that provides a Road Transport Operator with a qualified, verified and experienced relief driver service to take personal care of an operator's rig, their contracts, and their clients - right when they need, and only for as long as they need.
There is only one contract for the Driver - between Drivers On Call and that Contract Driver.
It provides the perfect - easy to manage - solution for Contract Drivers.
Drivers On Call Limited manages your assignments and your performance. We regularly assess, train, and up-skill our Contract Drivers through a scheduled job performance training program managed by our own qualified Director Of Training.
We also help you to capitalise on your business initiatives through our Business Support Program.

Training and Qualification For All Drivers....
All our Contract Drivers are engaged on training plans....

Our training plans are designed to assess and recognise the abilities of a professional driver, and then help them towards gaining recognised job qualifications.

Our Director Of Training is a well experienced and highly qualified trainer and assessor of heavy truck and trailer drivers.
Bill, has previous personal experience in the Road Transport Industry, as a contract driver, law enforcement officer, driver licence examiner and advanced driving instructor, specialising in heavy truck and trailer training.
He is qualified as a registered Driving Instructor of all six licence classes, and six endorsements of driver licencing in New Zealand.
He is a registered assessor of driving skills and holds all applicable NZQA unit standards.
Bill has also been awarded six New Zealand National Certificates – in Heavy Transport Driving, and Driver Education.

Our Contract Drivers' training plans ensure higher performance delivery standards and ultimately work security by providing those drivers with access to recognised qualifications such as New Zealand National Certificates and other qualifications.
No other company exists that manages staff or up-skills and qualifies Drivers to this degree.
Come on over to the Drivers On Call team and gain the qualifications you deserve.

You'll be working with a good team....
Contact Drivers engaged by Drivers On Call Limited, have all been assessed on their knowledge of applicable transport law, and their practical skills. Our people are selected for their business-oriented responsibility and personality, and personal presentation, along with tested and verified skills behind the wheel.
But we don't stop there. All our team are subject to programmed alcohol and drug-testing and driver licence verification. They'll be clean, they'll have the right classes of licence, it will be current, and they will not have looming demerit points that no-one knew about.
Does this sound like you?
Do you want to join us?

Operate Your Own Business as a Self-Employed Contract Driver....
Now you can have the benefits of being an Owner Driver without having to put your home home on the line and sign up a mega-buck deal on a truck and contract!
A Contract Driver with Drivers On Call Limited operates his own business and manages his own affairs. You contract to us, we pay you a pre-agreed fee per day for the days you work. You pay your taxes and levies, then claim all the applicable tax relief that a business has available to it. We will give you all the systems, operation manuals and assistance you need to plan, set-up and operate your own business.

Dealing With The "Economic Downturn"
There is no doubt that the current economic climate is creating challenges, both for employers and for wage workers. Existing Road Transport Operators have come under pressure to reduce overheads and trim staff and costs, and therefore job-security is not what it used to be.
Unfortunately we've seen instances where really good drivers have been made redundant by companies looking to cut back on staffing costs, or where Road Transport Operators have lost contracts they had banked-on.
However, at the same time there are also new opportunities.
Consider operating your own business as a Contract Driver for Drivers On Call.
Manage your own destiny as well as your lifestyle, and stay in the industry you love.
Contract-staffing is a 100% tax-deductable solution that allows Road Transport Operators the flexibility to keep their rigs running, and then call on Drivers On Call Ltd. to supply motivated, highly capable, drug-free, vetted, experienced, qualified, and skill-verified Contract Drivers on a relief basis, as and when required. This requirement may also come about because of holiday or sickness leave, or fluctuations in work volumes.

For instance...
If a Road Transport Operator can seize an opportunity to gain an additional, or new, short term contract, then he will need a good short term Driver - that could be you!
Knowing that we can provide excellent Contract Drivers, (without the liabilities and costs of creating a new staff position) that operator can have the confidence to bid for that new contract, so we all win.

Manage your own destiny and lifestyle?
Contract Driving is your solution!
Manage your own business!
We do NOT currently have any openings


Our Core Values
A “Driver On Call” supplied by Drivers On Call Limited will be the best available relief driver to meet the specific needs of the assignment he or she has been placed on.
Our Driver will be constantly managed, monitored, assessed, trained and up-skilled so as to be among the most highly skilled and qualified commercial drivers in New Zealand.
We will never engage anyone who does not have the ability to meet both the applicable NZQA standards and our own company standards..


What We Need...
The sort of things that we are really keen on:
Excellent - and provable - Driving Skills on New Zealand Roads including some good solid years of trailer work.
An excellent attitude to the job, the gear and most of all the customers you interface with.
Pride in personal presentation.
Pride in equipment presentation.
A desire to advance and a preparedness to put in the study to prove your skills.
Honesty, reliability, responsibility.



If you've read this page, and then you reckon you have "Got What It Takes" to be a Driver On Call  Just free-call us on 0800 880082
We'll discuss the options.

A contract Driver On Call may be selected and offered a contract if he or she can show excellent road skills and knowledge, a conscientious business approach, excellent personal presentation, a willingness to engage in a  drug and alcohol free verification program, along with desire to enrol in a workplace assessment and training and qualification program.



Business Systems...
Operate your own business as a Self-employed Contract Driver.
Our Business Support Program gives you all the systems, operation manuals and assistance you need to plan, set-up and operate your own business .



Quality Systems...
Our Quality Control and Training Management Systems mean that our Drivers can meet the standards required by ISO registered Operators and those running other Quality Management systems.




Tranzqual - ITO
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